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Thursday, June 30, 2016
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As the Communications Chairman, I have found the new path for our Facebook page. Richmond-Lakeside #1714 has always been an integral part of providing for the needs of many different organization in OUR Community and others..We strive to be "The Heart of Our Community"

With the support of our members and partnering with others that support our purpose, we are able to move forward and do great things.

For Instance:

Essex Tornado Victims
Sussex Tornado Victims
Christmas Baskets
Special Olmpics
Marine Core Toys For ToTs
VA Home For Boys & Girls and on ....

This page is going to go thru a transformation that supports only the positive side of life. Their will be no Bantering or rude displaced comments.

All ideas that are Constructive will be reviewed before posted.

I will continue to update the existing Moose Units Web page monthly for those who choose not to read the News Letter.

If you have Information that is Linked to Lakeside Moose or Our Fraternity please let me know.

I can be emailed at: james.price@hanoverprecast.com


James Price, Communication Chair & 1 Year Trustee
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Dear Brothers and Coworkers;

What a great way to start June but I thought it was March that went out like a lion, fooled us! We were lucky that the Lodge's lights were on by noon Friday so we could carry on as usual. We will be returning from St. Louis and hope you all are able to attend the membership meeting on July 19th to hear what changes that have happened for this year. I could not promise we will be back for the July 5th meeting as we will be flying back that day and with the airlines you never know! The July Picnic on July 4th I am sure will be a great time as always with the Moose Legion at the helm. The Poker Run will be stopping by on the 23rd of July. Thanks to everyone who went out to help with the Special Olympics. Don't forget the Crab Feast on August 6th. Also remember the dinner specials, bands, karaoke, pool and dart tournaments that go on every week. What a surprise I received in December a letter from Moose International inviting me to attend the Pilgrim Presentation at the House of God at Mooseheart. It was truly a day I will always remember. Congratulations to all the new Pilgrims and I want to thank everyone for their support that helped get us there. I also would like to thank all of the well wishes and congratulations I have received for earning this degree. We will be celebration at the Pilgrim Presentation at Richmond Lakeside Lodge on October 8th, but more on that later. Come out and visit your Lodge Home, we re-alize its summer and the river is calling you, as it has done me in the past, but your Lodge will be here to welcome you home!

Fraternally Tim Rea,
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