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Friday, October 4, 2013
Queen Of Hearts Every Tuesday
The Queen of Hearts has began. Tickets can also be purchased all through the week from your bartenders. If you purchase from bartenders please put your full name, phone number and card you want to pick on back of ticket. If the winning ticket is drawn and and you are not present and your name, phone number and card number are not on back of your ticket, another ticket will be drawn.

Winning ticket holder automatically receives $20 if Queen is not hit. If one of the Jokers is picked you will receive $50 instead of $20 and if you get one of the other Queens you win $30 instead.

Queen is drawn at 7:00pm every Tuesday
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Hello Everybody

As a board we are discussing hosting several events, especially in the Bottom, in the coming months. Look for more information in your newsletter. Speaking of the newsletter, we are happy to email you the newsletter! Simply call or email the office (lmadmin1714@comcast.net) or leave your email address with us.

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